The wonderful world of WolVolk Toys: The Joy of Learning and Play.

The wonderful world of WolVolk Toys: The Joy of Learning and Play.

The wonderful world of WolVolk Toys: The Joy of Learning and Play.

There’s been much emphasis and research in recent years on the drawbacks of too much screen-time for our kids; it can lead to limited development, both physically and cognitively, but also obesity.

That quiet and relatively safe what to keep our kids occupied offers other side effects such as deteriorated eyesight, physical development issues, bad posture, limited social development and sleep problems to name just a few. Some studies even claim that because all that sitting around means kid’s burn less energy, it also means they don’t eat correctly.

Psychologists, medical professionals and childhood experts all agree that regular playtime, with toys and other kids, is more than about just having fun. It’s instrumental for growth, and is seriously important for childhood health, learning and development.

Back to Basics.

Running, climbing, dancing and playing promotes physical development and confidence, often leading to an active lifestyle. Dress-ups and interaction with other children gives them positive social and emotional skills. Playing with toys and others also helps our little ones to development their cognitive skills; they learn to listen, think and pay attention to others, proving to lead to better speech, communication, and understanding.

Let’s Play.

WolVolk Toys, have been making uniquely different toys for babies, toddlers and children of all ages now for 7 years. Their toys are made from high quality materials, are expertly crafted, extremely durable and are safe for the little ones so everyone’s happy.

Although they are relatively new to the market, their reputation is strong, the reviews for the toys are consistently high, and they are available from all the major online retailers.

Music and Sound – Start Them Early.

Babies and toddlers take in the sounds, smells and sights around them every minute they are awake. The WolVolk Baby Gym Play Mat promotes touch and responsiveness to sounds and images. It features songs and animal sounds to pique their curiosity, and light for additional visual stimulation.

Once they are up on their little knees, keep them moving and help the hone their fine motor skills. The Musical Press and Crawl Baby Activity Toy has a myriad of interesting things going on. The baby safe inchworm extends and shrinks, then moves so the toddler crawls to follow it along. It has colourful lights and music, and many moving parts to hold their curiosity and interest.

Heroes and Rock Stars

There’s a little bit of a rock star or hero in all of us. If you have a little fireman (or fireperson) in your midst they will love the Emergency Garage so they can save the day. They can call for the (included) Fire Truck, Ambulance or Police Car on their radio, to confidently control any situation – all with the emergency vehicle sounds.

Every rock star needs a microphone – to sing and shine and gain confidence. The Dual Microphone Singing Duo Karaoke Music Toy means they learn to share the spotlight. It comes with sound effects, lights and music and plugs into devices so they can sing their hearts out and dance to the beat, which will improve coordination and movement.

Tools of the Trade

Entertain them while they explore what they want to be when they want to grow up. Promising engineers will behold the 3-in-one Take Apart Construction Toy that in turn can become a dump-truck, excavator and bulldozer. Learning how things work is great for setting them up for STEM based learning, what little kid doesn’t enjoy pulling things apart just to make something new?

If your little one has a love for animals, they can have their own pet to care for with the Pet Doctor Vet Kit. Compassion, caring and responsibility are encouraged as the puppy sounds engage the child. The kit comes with food and water dish, stethoscope and other safe vet equipment, all in a pet carrier to take their clinic on the road.

The bottom line is toys are great for your child’s emotional and physical interaction with the world around them. Real play promotes imagination, dexterity, and healthy brain development. Toy companies such as WolVolk make toys that will assist in your child’s development – the only limits are the toys you choose for them.