Wolvolk Pretend Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaner Set - Reinforced Plastic Housekeeping Set - Supports Enhanced Social Skills for Boys & Girls (Small)


Brand: Wolvolk


  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Providing long-lasting strength and use, this Vacuum Cleaner Set is expertly crafted using durable plastic construction to withstand endless hours of creative and imaginative play.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES. The vacuum cleaner with hose comes complete with a sponge, soap bottle, brush, sweeper and two dustpans, keeping children entertained in role-playing fun for hours on end.
  • FUN ENTERTAINMENT. Children love toys with sound effects and lights. This toy sounds like a real vacuum cleaner at the push of a button and it lights up on top, providing children with the best of both worlds.
  • ROLE-PLAYING FUN. Young children admire their parents and will imitate everything they do. This pretend vacuum cleaner set allows them to pretend to be mom or dad cleaning the floors and making the house neat and tidy.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA. With realistic sounds, a working light and detachable parts, the Wolvolk Vacuum Cleaner Set will make a great gift for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. It's even furnished in pink and purple to the delight of little girls.

Publisher: Wolvolk


Children admire their parents and want to be like mom or dad when they grow up. You can let them imitate you and teach them the responsibility of cleaning the house at the same time with the Wolvolk Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaner Set. Not only can they engage in some role-playing fun and creativity, but they can help you clean small messes too.

This set includes a vacuum cleaner with a hose, sponge, soap bottle, brush, sweeper and two dustpans to keep the floors fresh and clean. At the push of a button, the pretend vacuum cleaner lights up and makes sounds like it’s actually running! It even includes a handle for easy carrying and detachable hose for realistic playing and tidying up the house.

How proud your little one will be engaging in role-playing fun and pretending to be mom or dad cleaning the floor! If the kids make a mess or you need some help cleaning the floors, let them grab the vacuum or brush with dustpan to help out. It’s never too early to teach them the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

The Wolvolk Vacuum Cleaner Set is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. It's expertly crafted using solid plastic construction to provide long term durability and endless hours of pretend fun, plus all the cleaning tools are furnished with bright pink and purple colors for increased visual appeal.

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Package Dimensions: 17.9 x 11.7 x 5.2 inches